Tree Removal

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Arbex provides tree removal services in Nottinghamshire for trees of any size or type. Tree removal typically falls into three categories:

Standard felling: Using special cuts, a tree surgeon can determine the direction of fall of a tree. This technique is only possible if there is sufficient space.

Dismantling: If felling space is limited, the tree is often dismantled a section at a time using ropes and pulleys. This takes more time than standard felling.

Crane removal: Occasionally, when normal techniques are not suitable, it may be necessary to employ the use of a crane or mobile elevated platform. It is sometimes faster and therefore more economical to use a crane.

Removing a tree, especially a large one, requires specialized skills and equipment. Arbex’s professional tree removal service can use cranes, rigging ropes and other equipment to safely dismantle trees. The process starts by carefully removing all the main branches, working top-down. Our team make precision cuts while avoiding damage to surrounding trees and structures. Sections of the trunk are removed next, which is the most dangerous part of the job. The tree is dismantled in a controlled manner, with team members clearly communicating to coordinate the removal.

Stump grinding completes the full removal down below ground level. Safety is paramount when taking down large trees in tight environments. Arbex have certified arborists on staff with years of experience who understand tree structures and can assess tricky removals. We use rigging techniques to lower cut sections in a targeted direction to avoid damage. Tree debris is cleaned up and taken away for recycling, with chippings sent to farms for animal bedding. You can keep the logs or chippings if you wish, which can reduce our fee.

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