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Our emergency tree removal service across Nottinghamshire means that Arbex can visit you quickly after a storm if a tree has fallen over your property or is causing a danger.

Remember, trees can move once they have fallen, so keep everyone away.

During major storms, trees may become hazards that require emergency removal. High winds can cause limbs or entire trees to break or become uprooted, putting nearby people and property at risk. After severe weather, Arbex can mobilize quickly to provide rapid response to emergency calls. Our team are specially trained and equipped for efficient storm damage clearing. They arrive with wood chippers, chainsaws and other heavy machinery to dismantle and remove fallen trees and branches.

Safety is paramount, as trees and limbs can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous when impacted by storms. Our emergency tree removal service will first stabilize trees and block off hazard areas, then methodically take apart branches and trunks in a controlled manner. Debris is cut up and taken away to be recycled, with chippings sent to farms for animal bedding or used to enrich the soil. You can keep the logs or chippings if you wish, which can reduce our fee. The goal is to eliminate immediate threats and make the area safe again as quickly as possible after a major weather event has disrupted normal tree stability.

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