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Keep your hedges neat and tidy with our hedge cutting and maintenance service in Nottinghamshire.

Properly maintaining hedges and shrubs takes skill and care. Hedge trimming and pruning encourages dense, healthy growth while keeping hedges neat and orderly in appearance.

Reducing a hedge in height and/or width

This involves cutting the thicker, woody stems of the hedge using chainsaws. The hedge is then trimmed and neatened up with hedge cutters.

Trimming back excessive new growth and removing dead wood stimulates regulated growth across the hedge. Regular trimming throughout the growing season prevents leggy, irregular growth. Proper pruning techniques help sustain the hedge’s desired size and shape over time. For overgrown hedges, rejuvenation pruning may be recommended to re-establish the hedge’s bounds. This specialized pruning removes up to one-third of the hedge’s overall mass.

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