The Arbex Team

Based in Nottingham, Arbex Tree Surgeons is a specialist tree surgery company.

We provide tree services to both private and commercial clients.

Paul Shouls the owner says: – “We do free quotations for our customers, offer impartial advice, and stick to the price agreed. We want to give great service to all our clients at a competitive cost.”

About The Owner

Paul originally started in the leisure industry and after many years of corporate life in London, decided to have a complete change. He had always wanted to work outdoors and went through rigorous training to qualify as a tree surgeon. Training includes chainsaw skills, tree climbing, tree dismantling, working with cranes and mobile platforms, chippers and advanced first aid.

So in 2009, Arbex was born. Why the name Arbex? The Latin for tree is ‘Arbor’ – the trade refers to this work as the ‘Arb’ industry – thus ‘Arbex’.

Paul was able to share his love for the trade and mentored several young lads through training, many who became fully qualified themselves. Some went on to start their own businesses but the majority still work with him.

The company has built up a significant skill level, so can now cover the most complex work including dangerous trees and crane work. When asked what our USP is, Paul suggests that fully understanding the customers’ needs is probably one of the most important skills.



Do you charge for a quotation?
No. Quotations are free and can be provided in writing.
Can you give me a price over the phone?
Yes, but it would only be an estimate. Due to the varying factors such as access for dragging out the waste, position of trees in relation to buildings and access etc. we would always recommend a site visit for an accurate quotation.


Do I have to be at home when you come to do the work?
No, providing we have adequate access and all the information we need.
Do you need anything such as power from us?
No. We just need good access. All our machines are petrol or diesel powered.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We take cash, cheque or payment via BACS. We will send you a written invoice if you want one.
What happens to the waste?
It depends on the job. Branches are normally chipped – heavy timber taken away. Chippings are sent to farms for animal bedding. Some timber is used for logs.
Can I keep the logs or chippings?
You can keep anything you like. It is normally cheaper if we do not have to take waste away, but be aware, even a small tree produces lots of waste!
Will stump regrow?
It depends on the species. We can arrange for the stumps to be ground out if necessary.


Safe and sure

Our insurance
We have an exemplary safety record, but just in case, we have £5 million public liability insurance. Certificates are available on request.
We use the NPTC professional training system to ensure standards are maintained. Our tree climbers hold professional qualifications: NPTC CS30, CS31, CS38 and CS39.
First aid
There is always a trained first aider on site. We constantly review our policies ensuring our methods are up to date and our staff refreshed on safety procedures.
Risk assessments
Risk assessment specific to the task is always done before work starts and all the team are briefed. A copy is available on request.
Our standards
All our tree work is carried out according to British Standards (BS3998). Each of our teams is lead by a chargehand who organises the team and carries out a risk assessment before work begins.
Health and safety policy
Our company Health and Safety policy document details the health and safety responsibilities of our staff. A copy is available on request.


Tree surgery in Nottingham from the experts. All types of tree work undertaken, private and commercial clients.

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