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Crown reduction

The reduction of a tree which maintains the overall shape. The tree should grow back in as natural a shape as possible, thus maintaining the beauty of the tree.  A good solution if a tree has outgrown its desired size.

Crown lifting

The removal of low branches which may be interfering with, mowing, footpaths, roads, etc. The height is not reduced but it lets in much more light.

Crown thinning

The removal of branches so the tree is left with an all-round even density to encourage natural regrowth. The height is not reduced. Tree thinning is a good option if more light is needed to the property. Dead wood is also removed. (See below)

Dead wooding

The removal for safety reasons of any dead wood from the tree’s crown. Dead wood can soon be dislodged in the wind and can cause damage or injury.


A drastic way of controlling a tree’s size. This method is often used for street trees and trees in a confined area. Branches are removed at a given height but the tree is unsightly until it regrows.

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